Developed By: MDI
BUBT Annex ( A New Nexus of Excellence) shortly known as BUBT-NX is an online portal for the students and teachers of BUBT. It is a one stop web portal service where ongoing / running students can get their academic information from anywhere. At present it is in beta version and the stable version will be released very soon.
Features of BUBT-NX
1 Students can find their class schedule as per their registered courses.
2 They can find their course teacher’s profile
3 They can get the summery of their academic record
4 They can find information regarding their previous and present registered courses.
5 They can also find the marks of their present semester and immediate past semester in details.
6 They can find their semester-wise course grades.
7 List of all the courses along with information of prerequisite courses of each program is shown there.
8 Students can find the summery of their tuition fees, waiver and related updated information.
9 Students can also see the percentage of attendance in the courses of their present Semester.
10 There is a Help & Support section where students can ask for any IT related support. Moreover, they can provide any information to help the system support team.
How to Use BUBT- NX
1 At first, admitted and valid students have to register from “New Registration” menu through http://annex.bubt.edu.bd website
2 After successful registration s/he will shortly get an SMS with User ID and Password in his/her given valid mobile number.
3 Students will login to menu through http://annex.bubt.edu.bd using the User ID and Password and for the first time login s/he will be asked to change his/her password
4 After changing password s/he can successfully login to his/her own portal page
5 In case of lost Password, any student can retrieve his/her old password through “Forget Password” link. Otherwise, he or she can reset his password by asking system support admin
6 If someone resets or retrieves his/her lost password more than 3 times, the account will be blocked immediately. To unblock the account he/she needs to contact system support admin.
6 Please feel free to ask system support admin if there is any inconvenient information in NX-BUBT